Basden & Hall

Turning homes into beautiful spaces

We love interiors and we’re not afraid to admit it. At Blue Door Barns Interiors we believe that where you live affects how you live and that if you surround yourself with beauty, you’ll smile more often. And we like smiles.

  • We believe in creating spaces that work for you.
  • We know that practical doesn’t have to mean boring and that beautiful doesn’t have to mean precious.
  • We will never dictate how we think you should live, but instead we’ll listen to how you want to live.
  • We spend a long time visiting and chatting to you, assessing the best way to use your space both practically and aesthetically.
  • We want to know how and with whom you live, what you want and what you like. We take everything in to consideration.
  • We know everyone has a budget so we won’t tell you that you absolutely have to have gold taps and real leather wallpaper(unless you want them).
  • We will always give you realistic time lines and stick to them as closely as possible as we know how disruptive work in your home can be.
  • We love detail – every last one from knocking down walls, to the exact right shade of paint to sourcing the perfect chair.
  • We are very good at getting the most out of your space, or creating whole new spaces,without eye-watering price tags. We specialise in creating stunning outbuildings.
  • We are as happy re-designing one room as we area whole hotel.


We offer a full interior design service from one room to whole houses or larger. We are happy to either come up with a full design and colour scheme or to take our lead from you. Often a design can be inspired by something as simple as a favourite colour or object, maybe a photograph, a great view or even just a memory. Tell us what moves you and we’ll create a space that you never want to leave.

Building solutions

We can help you to re-configure the layout of your house to maximise light and space. We are also good at creating storage and shelving solutions around awkward spaces and using every last inch of your home to its best potential. We can also design and make fitted or free-standing kitchens and wardrobes.

Creating Space

More space is probably top of all our client’s wish list and we really can help you achieve this. Whether it’s carving out a bespoke set of shelves from a bit of dead space, squeezing a bathroom under the stairs or creating a separate home office, we’re the people to speak to. We can work with small or large gardens and come up with elegant, warm and functional outdoor rooms for office space, guestrooms or even just a place to sit with a glass of wine. We often use off the shelf shed and summerhouse products, then customise them to create beautiful, functional and, very importantly, warm spaces. In this way we keep your costs low, without scrimping on the end result. We’ve even recently transformed a run down Gypsy Caravan into a magical space for all the family to enjoy, complete with sunken fire pit.


There’s not much we enjoy more than a rummage around a flea market or antiques fair so we’re always well placed to find that elusive gem that transforms a room. You might know exactly what you’re looking for and you might have no idea, either way we’ll be able to source it for you. Alternatively we are happy to work with your existing furniture. It is amazing what a lick of paint and a bit of re-covering can do for an old-favourite. We also like to make our own furniture using materials that you might not consider, so the opportunity for bespoke pieces is always available. Check out our shop for some great ideas.

Often clients want us to combine all of these services to create our trademark unique spaces and we love to work this way. However, we are also just as happy if you simply need a fantastic dresser sourced for your kitchen or don’t know what to do with your favourite chair that’s seen better days. You might want one room decorated or an entire house. You might be yearning for a magical outbuilding. We can do as little or as much as you need to create your perfect space.

We work with a large team of professional and dedicated craftsmen and women to ensure that everything is of the highest quality at the best prices. We’ve been working with these people for a long time, so you can rest assured that you’re getting a fair deal and quality workmanship. We understand that our workspace is your home, so we ensure that we know everyone we send into that space and that they are respectful. No one’s going to ask you to make them a cup of tea!

If you need any advice, we’re happy to come and see you and give you an idea of what we could do, plus a free quote. We hope to hear from you soon!